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Big Green Dot aka Vinisha

Green Dots learning forums are devised and conducted by Vinisha Khemani Kanjilal, Ph.D.

All teaching aides have a science and educational background.


In brief, she has a PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) and several years of academic, science managerial (Tata institute of Fundamental Research, TIFR /National Centre for Biological Sciences, NCBS; Bangalore) & industrial research experience (InSilico Sciences/e4e Labs, Bangalore, USA; Eli Lilly & Company, Singapore) in the life sciences, oncology, bioinformatics & pharmaceuticals.

Some of her notable published & presented scientific work is in the Ann.NY.Acad of Sciences, at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) conferences 20062007, the IBC 2007 Clinical Development Conference & InCoB 2008. She also has preinvestigational and investigational new drug (preIND & IND) submissions to the US-FDA to her credit, during her 5.5 year stint with the Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery (LSCDD).


In parallel to pursuing her scientific career , Vinisha has kept her interests alive as a keen educator. She has informally & formally been a mentor & coach to children & young adults across age brackets and through numerous platforms & organizations. She conducted a University Grants Commission (UGC) program on television (“The Science of Smell”, Doordarshan, 1994) while doing her doctoral studies in India, as well as volunteered as a teacher through Child, Relief & You (CRY) when at Hyderabad. As a science manager at the TIFR-NCBS she taught graduate students cell biology, organized scientific conferences, did technology transfer for local hospitals such as the Bangalore Children’s Hospital and reached out to schools & colleges through scientific outreach events. She developed curriculum based interactive quiz games for primary and secondary school students to make learning fun as a freelance consultant with Leo Mattel in Bangalore.


In Singapore over the past years, she has been the creative lead and an involved teacher-volunteer for art & craft activities with Very Special Arts (VSA). She is also an active, well regarded volunteer on art appreciation programs through Art Outreach (AO), having introduced these to both primary and secondary, local school children (Fairfield Methodist, Pei Tong Primary, Methodist Girls, Jurongville Secondary, Balestier Primary, etc).